Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Victoria Carpet Cleaning don’t just clean carpets !
We also provide a professional oven cleaning service and are your best choice in North Devon.
We work with the latest equipment to challenge tough kitchen cleaning tasks.
Let us bring back the shine of your appliance and enjoy the following benefits:
Prolonged life of your cooker Better heat distribution and energy efficiency Tastier meals Enjoyable culinary experience Reduces the risk of smoke and kitchen fire .

How much does it cost?

Single Oven
Double Oven
Range Oven
Extractor Fans

Why choose us for your oven cleaning?

Fully insured, trained and experienced professional oven cleaners Dedicated 24/7 customer support team 7 days a week availability including holidays.
Only professional degreasing detergents are used, each product is non-toxic and bio-degradable.
Ready to use appliance immediately after the procedure Fixed rates and no hidden charges 

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What to expect from our oven cleaning service?

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We will: Begin with an inspection of the oven in order to identify any issues. Disassemble racks and doors. Deeply scrub the interior while the disassembled parts are soaking in a tank of heated water-based solution, a method also known as the dip-tank method, which removes stains and burns without harming the surface. Before the unit is put back together, its exterior is also thoroughly cleaned from grease and dirt. A teflon mat is placed on the bottom of the oven which prevents food bits, grease etc. to stick on the freshly cleaned appliance. The procedure ends with a test to ensure that the oven is working well and there are no surprises. If you want your home to have a spotlessly clean oven, call 07532 616414 and book our professional crew today!
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